Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1027421 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rhee, K. Rhee,Kyung UNIV OF CALIFORNIA-SAN DIEGO CA ¡Más Fresco! More Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program for Families with T2DM
1020042 NEW HATCH Barry, KU, . Barry, KU. UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN “Waste” Produce Product Design
1012970 NEW HATCH Felton, EU, E.. Felton, EU, E.. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV “Efficiency of Forage-Based Ruminant Production”
1027025 NEW OTHER GRANTS Greenwood-Junkermeie, H. Greenwood-Junkermeie,Heather UNIV OF HAWAII HI `Ohana Garden & Grindz: Addressing the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 Utilizing A Virtual Family-based Agriculture Education Aimed at Reducing Food Insecurity
1018069 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Kenney, SC, P. Kenney, SC. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Zoonotic Diseases in Animal Agriculture: Implications to Public Health and Agriresearch to Combat the Pathogens
1027780 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Stupar, R. Stupar,Robert UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Zeroing in on the Genes and Mechanisms Underlying Soybean Resistance to Iron Deficiency Chlorosis
1025173 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hodges, T. Hodges,Tanya UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Yumans United through Microbiology, Agriculture, Nutrition, and Social Sciences - Mentorship, Awareness, Networking, Opportunities, leading to Success (YUMANS-MANOS)
1028877 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fuhrman, N. E. Fuhrman,Nicholas E UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Youth SAFE SPACE Program
1020052 NEW HATCH Borden, LY, M. Borden, LY. UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Youth Program Quality: A Key to the Positive Development of Young People
1027459 NEW OTHER GRANTS Garwood, A. Garwood,Anna GROWING GARDENS OR Youth Grow-Growing Food; Cultivating leaders; Connect students and families with food through hands-on education, develop leaders in food systems and contribute to regional school garden programs.
1015410 NEW HATCH Landsman, SA, . Landsman, SA. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Youth Development and Prevention Science
1018650 NEW HATCH Doty, JE, L. Doty, JE, L. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Youth development and mental health: Leveraging parent-based prevention to reduce bullying and cyberbullying
1023669 NEW OTHER GRANTS Welch, D. C. Welch,David Charles AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BOVINE PRACTITIONERS AL Your Practice Now and Next Generation Workshops
1026619 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fraze, S. Fraze,Steven NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Young Agri-Scientists: Connecting diverse students to each other and FANRSS careers through experiential learning in mentored research and science communication
1022524 NEW EVANS-ALLEN Brown, SH, . Brown, SH. SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC You Are What You Eat: Investigating nutrition as a key prophylaxis against chronic inflammation and other co-morbidities in South Carolina families
1027406 NEW OTHER GRANTS Moua, S. Moua,Soua YOLO, COUNTY OF CA Yolo County HHSA Bonus Bucks Program
1029383 NEW OTHER GRANTS McCarron, K. McCarron,Kristy YMCA METROPOLITAN WASHINGTON DC YMCA Produce Prescription Project (YPRx)
1012308 NEW HATCH Miao, RU, . Miao, RU. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Yield, Insurance, and Adaptation: A Research Program Focusing on Agricultural Production in Alabama and the Southeast
1029372 NEW OTHER GRANTS Goldberg, L. Goldberg,Lauren CROSSROADS COMMUNITY FOOD NETWORK, INC. MD Year-Round Fresh Checks to Increase Access to Fresh Produce
1029802 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Bloir, K. Bloir,Kirk OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH YEA: Empowering the Next Generation Ag & Food Systems Workforce via Experiential Learning, Engaging Diverse Youth & Enhanced PYD Programs
1027161 NEW OTHER GRANTS Simion, K. Young-Uhk,Steven COLLEGE OF MICRONESIA FM Yap Prepare to Grow: Facilities and Equipment for Agriculture in Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia
1030031 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Han, K. Han,Kyung-Hwan KOPESS AGTECH LLC MI XERICO Drought Tolerance Technology
1015764 NEW HATCH Foulke, TH, K.. Foulke, TH, K.. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY Wyoming First-Grains Project: Market and Industry Development for First-Grains in Wyoming
1000240 NEW EVANS-ALLEN McMeans, OR. McMeans, OR, F.. WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV WVSU FY 2013 Section 1445 Research appropriation
1016471 NEW OTHER GRANTS Menalled, F. Marlow,Clayton B MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT WSARE Host Institution
1020006 NEW OTHER GRANTS Menalled, F. Marlow,Clayton B MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT WSARE Host Institution
1022785 NEW OTHER GRANTS Menalled, F. Marlow,Clayton B MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT WSARE Host Institution
0214110 NEW NRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Rushton, P. J. Rushton, P. J. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA VA WRKY transcription factors as tools to improve drought responses
1026257 NEW OTHER GRANTS Anderson, R. Anderson,Ryan TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Wow- The Women of Welding Series