Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1021665 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Guo, XI, . Guo, XI, . RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Genetic Improvement of Eastern Oysters
1021762 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Palinski, RA, . Palinski, RA, . KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Animal Health and Disease Research
1021770 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Rosser, TH, . Rosser, TH, . MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Investigations into the life cycle of an emerging trematode and its pathology in pond-raised largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides in the southeastern United States
1021771 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Griffin, M. Griffin, M. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Investigations into prevalence of latent Channel Catfish Virus genotypes on commerical catfish hatcheries and virulence in channel and channel x blue hybrid catfish
1021776 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Woolums, AM, R.. Woolums, AM, R.. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Engineered mRNA-expressed antibodies to treat or prevent Tritrichomonas foetus infection in bulls
1021791 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Sweeney, RA, . Sweeney, RA, . UNIV OF PENNSYLVANIA PA Use of novel method for mesenteric ligation in the jejunum and greater omentum for jejunojejunostomy in anesthetized horses ventilated with a FLow-controlled EXpiration (FLEX) ventilation strategy
1021792 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Sweeney, RA, . Sweeney, RA, . UNIV OF PENNSYLVANIA PA The effects of colonization with Clostridioides difficile on the fecal microbiome of dairy calves
1021795 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Karsi, AT, . Karsi, AT, . MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Morphological and Functional Characterization of Channel Catfish Dendritic Cells in Vitro
1021925 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Poock, SC, . Poock, SC, . UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Determination of the threshold of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) at first service to predict probability of pregnancy in dairy cattle
1021928 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Mitchell, MA, . Mitchell, MA, . LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Characterizing the roles of life stage and season on the prevalence of Acheta domesticus densovirus in Acheta domesticus on a commercial cricket farm in the USA
1021939 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Wu, ZU, . Wu, ZU, . IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Pathogenic mechanisms of Campylobacter-induced sheep abortion: role of the major outer membrane protein in translocation of Campylobacter jejuni across the intestinal epithelium
1021950 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Rossow, H. Rossow, H. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Big data management for dairy production decision making
1021951 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Pereira, RI, . Pereira, RI, . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Cattle Uterine Microbiota Sequencing: Identifying Biomarkers to Improve Metritis Diagnosis and Prevention
1021952 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Gallardo, RO, A. Gallardo, RO, A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Pathobiology and immunosuppression caused by avian reovirus variants
1021997 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Kreuder, AM, . Kreuder, AM, . IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Use of Hi-C metagenomic sequencing to determine the resistome of the swine fecal microbiota and assess for horizontal transfer of mobile antimicrobial resistance genes following exposure to multidrug resistant Salmonella
1022004 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Gorden, PA, . Gorden, PA, . IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Determination of pharmacokinetics and withdrawal periods in milk following intramammary administration of cephapirin sodium to lactating does
1022029 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Habing, GR, G. Habing, GR, G. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - VET MED OH Formation and biocide tolerance of Salmonella biofilms
1022035 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Arruda, AN, . Arruda, AN, . OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - VET MED OH Understanding the impact of swine caretaker turnover on health and production parameters
1022089 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Chigerwe, M, . Chigerwe, M, . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Understanding the role of declining immunoglobulin G status and vitamin D deficiency on the development of respiratory disease in calves.
1022097 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Jackwood, MA. Jackwood, MA. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Poultry Diseases - Clinical Investigations
1022099 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Mosley, YU, . Mosley, YU, . UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Investigation of the high herd prevalence of bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) in dairy farms in the southeast region of the United States
1022101 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Webley, W. Webley, W. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Culture and Characterization of Epitheliocystis Agents in Aquaculture Fish Species
1022126 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Leal Yepes, FR, . Leal Yepes, FR, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Effects of receiving two initial feedings of colostrum on growth and health of Holstein calves
1022149 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Mooyottu, SH, . Mooyottu, SH, . IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Development of a novel swine surgical in situ ileal loop model for investigating the efficacy of Clostridium hiranonis in controlling Clostridium difficile infection
1022167 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Pitesky, MA, . Pitesky, MA, . UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Determining Table Egg Withdrawal Periods from Hens Reared in Close Proximity to California Wildfires
1022204 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Murthy, AS, K. Murthy, AS, K. MIDWESTERN UNIVERSITY AZ Characterization of Interactions of Protective Chlamydia-specific CD4 T Cells with Pathogenic CD8 T Cells After Genital Chlamydia Infection
1022207 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Ashwell, C. Ashwell, C. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Identification of gut health biomarkers
1022271 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Pighetti, GI, . Pighetti, GI, . UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Investigating mechanisms of innate and resident immunity in the bovine mammary gland
1022402 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Chebel, RI, . Chebel, RI, . UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Understanding and mitigating the negative impacts of heat stress during early life on well-being, behavior, health, and later life performance of Holstein cattle