Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1022421 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Aly, S. Aly, S. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Economic impact of bunching, the aggregating behavior of cattle against Stomoxys calcitrans, on milk production on California dairies
1022547 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Lewin, AN, . Lewin, AN, . LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Assessment of the bovine ocular microbiome for therapeutic targets in disease states
1022565 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Lamont, SU, J. Lamont, SU, J. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Genetic Resistance to Disease in Chickens – Novel Biological Resources and Contemporary Genetic Approaches
1022575 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Li, XU, . Li, XU, . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Assessment of probiotics as alternatives to in-feed antibiotics on growth performance and disease resistance
1022674 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Pereira, RI, . Pereira, RI, . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Genetic elements causing antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella isolated from cattle at a veterinary microbiology laboratory in Northern California, 2002- 2017: focus on drugs of critical importance to human and veterinary medicine”
1023047 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Groblewski, G. Groblewski, G. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Role for spliced XBP1 in Bovine Mammary Involution
1023158 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Hefferin Berquist, ME, . Engleking (Simmons), HE, . TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX A Comparative Assessment of the Institutionalization of Enhanced Biosecurity Plans: Implications for Secure Food Supply Plans
1023187 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Bass, LU, . Bass, LU, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Influence of training on hoof morphology and lameness in juvenile Quarter Horses entering training
1023195 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Rhoads, DO, . Rhoads, DO, . UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Management and genetic solutions to bacterial lameness
1023220 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Bedenice, DA, . Bedenice, DA, . TUFTS UNIVERSITY MA The response of the alpaca intestinal microbiota to parasitic infection
1023283 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Zhang, QI, . Zhang, QI, . IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Administrative Planning and Direction
1023311 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Doepfer, D, . Doepfer, D, . UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Early automated detection of Digital Dermatitis in Dairy and Beef Cattle Using Computer Vision
1023395 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Hendrickson, DE, . Hendrickson, DE, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Identification of Active Cell Fractions in Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) for Improved Cellular Treatment of Osteoarthritis
1023490 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Scorza, VA, . Scorza, VA, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Comparison of Conventional Nested PCR protocols and next generation sequencing for molecular characterization of Cryptosporidium spp. in animal samples
1023600 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Kariyawasam, SU, . Kariyawasam, SU, . UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL (AH) Identification of immunodominant mimotopes of Campylobacter hepaticus from a phage display peptide library
1023709 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Bosco-Lauth, AN, . Bosco-Lauth, AN, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Evaluation of SARS-2 infection and transmission in domestic livestock
1023783 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Sordillo-Gandy, LO, . Sordillo-Gandy, LO, . MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Enhancing Resistance to Mastitis in Dairy Cattle
1023896 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Magee, CH, . Magee, CH, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Metabolic and Reproductive Consequences of Elevated Free Fatty Acids in Domestic Ruminants
1024153 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Barlow, JO, W. Barlow, JO, W. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Virulence factors, antimicrobial resistance genes and genetic diversity revealed by whole genome sequencing of the “emerging” mastitis pathogen Staphylococcus chromogenes
1024161 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Lopez-Uribe, MA, MA. Lopez-Uribe, MA, MA. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Strengthening honey bee health through genome-assisted breeding
1024184 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Meurs, KA, M. Meurs, KA, M. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC NC State University-College of Vet Medicine- Animal Health Discovery
1024188 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Crisci, EL, . Crisci, EL, . NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Potential of PRP as antiviral therapeutics in pigs
1024413 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Zhao, JI, . Zhao, JI, . UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Effect of the bovine respiratory and gastrointestinal tract microbiome on beef cattle health and growth performance
1024416 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Griffon, DO, . Griffon, DO, . WESTERN UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES CA Animal Health and Disease Research Training Program
1024420 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Dhar, AR, . Dhar, AR, . UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND) and Hepatopancreatic microsporidiosis (HPM): Two threats to sustainability of shrimp farming worldwide
1024436 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Beckstead, RO, BY. Beckstead, RO, BY. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Factors that influence Cochlosoma anatis disease outcomes in turkeys
1024451 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Edens, F, W.. Edens, F, W.. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Humoral and cell-mediated immune status in turkeys and chickens challenged by the poultry-specific parasite Histomonas meleagridis
1024472 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Chen, CH, . Chen, CH, . NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC The role of nutritional factors on Histomoniasis development and lateral transmission of Histomonas meleagridis in turkeys and broilers
1024483 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Silva, TH, VI. Silva, TH, VI. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Effect of diseases in preweaned dairy calves on reproductive performance, culling, and milk production
1024485 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Kulkarni, RA, . Kulkarni, RA, . NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC An in-ovo vaccination strategy against Necrotic Enteritis in broiler chickens