Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1005486 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Young, A, . Young, A, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Role of migratory leukocytes in acute immune responses of animals.
1005683 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Odemuyiwa, SO, OL. Odemuyiwa, SO, OL. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Chicken MDA-5
1005920 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Martinez Lopez, BE, . Martinez Lopez, BE, . UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Spatial and temporal distribution and the implentation of a near real-time surveillance system for infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNV) infection in California
1005925 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Atwill, E. Atwill, E. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Maintaining beneficial uses: An evaluation of shellfish aquaculture microbial standards and pathogen occurrence in Tomales Bay, California
1006278 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Pighetti, GI, M. Pighetti, GI, M. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Identifying polymorphisms in bovine immune genes and their association with mastitis
1006512 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Lightner, D, . Dhar, AR, . UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Acute HP Necrosis Disease (AHPND) and Enterocytozoon Hepatopenaei: Game Changers in Penaeid Shrimp Farming on a Global Scale
1006926 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Konkel, MI, E. Konkel, MI, E. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Development of a piglet model to identify new Campylobacter jejuni virulence determinants
1007290 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Petersson, K, . Petersson, K, . UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Novel Disease Management Strategies For Control of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Livestock
1007508 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Couëtil, LA, L. Couëtil, LA, L. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Etiology of inflammatory airway disease in racehorses
1007639 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Engiles, JU, . Engiles, JU, . UNIV OF PENNSYLVANIA PA : Morphometric histochemical and immunohistological evaluation of intestine from horses diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease compared to normal horse intestine
1007780 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Belknap, JA, KE. Belknap, JA, KE. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - VET MED OH Insulin-related growth factor signaling is responsible for laminar failure in equine metabolic syndrome
1007813 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Thune, RO, . Thune, RO, . LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Effector proteins of the Edwardsiella ictaluri type III secretion system as vaccine carriers.
1007854 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Laegreid, W. Laegreid, WI, W.. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY Integrated Diagnostic Laboratory Investigation of Animal Disease
1007960 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Odemuyiwa, SO, OL. Sayegh, AY, I.. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Genetic basis of early interferon response to double-stranded RNA in domestic chickens
1008139 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH McGuire, MA, A. McGuire, MA, A. UNIV OF IDAHO ID Animal Health and Disease Program (1433 Formula Funds, FY2016-FY2021)
1008375 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Hawke, J, . Hawke, J, . LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Utility of wild type and mutant strains of Edwardsiella ictaluri from zebrafish as live attenuated vaccines in channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus
1008417 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Gabler, NI, . Gabler, NI, . IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Investigating how enteric and respiratory health challenges alter swine nutrient requirements and metabolism
1008455 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Lamont, SU, J. Lamont, SU, J. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Genetic Resistance to Disease in Chickens – Novel Biological Resources and Contemporary Genetic Approaches
1008961 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Barfield, JE, . Barfield, JE, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Generation of mature oocytes from primordial follicles as a method of fertility preservation
1009081 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Dridi, SA, . Dridi, SA, . UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR NLRP3 inflammasome activation and lameness in chickens
1009093 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Jutila, MA, . Jutila, MA, . MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Research on Infectious Diseases of Animals and Their Management in Montana
1009094 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Faciola, AN, . Faciola, AN, . UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA NV Improving Ruminant Use of Forages in Sustainable Production Systems for the Western U.S.
1009134 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Coussens, PA, . Coussens, PA, . MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Defining the nature of immune dysfunction in cattle infected with bovine leukemia virus
1009381 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Kong, BY, . Kong, BY, . UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Safe and cost-effective next generation vaccines against infectious viruses using established immortal avian cell lines
1009571 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Waltzek, TH, . Waltzek, TH, . UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL The Effect of Water Temperature on Ranavirus Pathogenesis in Young-of-theYear Pallid Sturgeon
1009629 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Kwon, Y. Kwon, Y. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Molecular survey and manipulation of chicken microbiomes for promotion of health and growth performance
1009879 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Zhang, G. Zhang, G. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Immune Boosting Dietary Compounds for Growth Promotion and Disease Control and Prevention
1010257 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Celli, JE, . Celli, JE, . WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Modulation of ER-associated degradation by Brucella abortus
1010265 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Carabeo, RE, A.. Carabeo, RE, A.. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Targeting of host cell focal adhesion is a novel pathogenic mechanism of Chlamydia