Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1017777 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Abdelhamed, HO, . Abdelhamed, HO, . MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Transfer and stability of multidrug-resistant IncA/C plasmid isolated from Edwardsiella ictaluri
1021493 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Abdelhamed, HO, . Abdelhamed, HO, . MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Study transfer and fitness cost of multidrug-resistant plasmid isolated from Edwardsiella piscicida
1017881 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Adkins, PA, . Adkins, PA, . UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Antimicrobial resistance among bacteria originating from dairy cattle exposed to intramammary pirlimycin hydrochloride
1016123 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Ahmed, S., AN. Ahmed, S., AN. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Host-Pathogen-Environment Interactions: Impact on Animal Health and Disease in Virginia
0223426 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Allen, A. Allen, A. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA The use of Rectoanal Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tissue biopsies to identify cattle infected with Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis
0221460 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Allred, D. R. Allred, D. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Understanding gene conversion mechanisms used by Babesia bovis for antigenic variation
1022421 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Aly, S. Aly, S. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Economic impact of bunching, the aggregating behavior of cattle against Stomoxys calcitrans, on milk production on California dairies
1016672 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Anwer, M., SA. Anwer, M., SA. TUFTS UNIVERSITY MA Research Training For Veterinary Students
1014389 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Arguelles-Ramos, MI, . Jimenez, ES, . UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Health assessment of the potential use of black soldier fly larvae and their growing substrates in poultry production
1022035 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Arruda, AN, . Arruda, AN, . OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - VET MED OH Understanding the impact of swine caretaker turnover on health and production parameters
0216271 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Ashwell, C. Ashwell, C. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Identification of genes involved in antibody response in the chicken
1015997 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Athrey, GI, . Athrey, GI, . TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Modulation of beneficial gut microbiota in poultry by photoperiod and monochromatic lighting
1005925 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Atwill, E. Atwill, E. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Maintaining beneficial uses: An evaluation of shellfish aquaculture microbial standards and pathogen occurrence in Tomales Bay, California
1011359 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Baird, AU, N. Baird, AU, N. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Economic impact of left displaced abomasum (LDA) in the dairy industry
1016811 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Banse, HE, . Banse, HE, . LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Characterization of inflammatory cell infiltrate in equine glandular gastric disease (EGGD)
1008961 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Barfield, JE, . Barfield, JE, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Generation of mature oocytes from primordial follicles as a method of fertility preservation
1013792 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Barfield, JE, . Barfield, JE, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Effects of seasonality on in vitro production of bison embryos
1014041 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Barlow, J. Barlow, J. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Preventing Cryptosporidiosis by Manipulating the Gut Microbiota through Colostrum Feeding of the Newborn Calf
1013844 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Barrett, MY, . Barrett, MY, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO MRI and histopathologic evaluation of normal equine oblique sesamoidean ligaments
1023187 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Bass, LU, . Bass, LU, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Influence of training on hoof morphology and lameness in juvenile Quarter Horses entering training
0200915 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Baszler, T. V. Baszler, T. V. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Identifying Genes of Accessory Proteins Required for Prion Accumulation
1023220 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Bedenice, DA, . Bedenice, DA, . TUFTS UNIVERSITY MA The response of the alpaca intestinal microbiota to parasitic infection
0220381 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Belknap, J. Morscher, M. L. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - VET MED OH Effect of digital hypothermia on inflammatory injury in laminitis
1007780 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Belknap, JA, KE. Belknap, JA, KE. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - VET MED OH Insulin-related growth factor signaling is responsible for laminar failure in equine metabolic syndrome
0215875 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Bence, K. Salsbury, P. UNIV OF PENNSYLVANIA PA Role of Protein-tyrosine Phosphatase 1B (PTP1B) in Obesity-related Insulin Resistance and Fatty Liver Disease
0208661 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Bertone, A. L. Morscher, M. L. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - VET MED OH Tissue engineering of cartilage using nanofiber scaffold and BMP-2 augmented cells
1020162 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Bian, JI, . Bian, JI, . COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Gene-targeted mice expressing human PrP to assess zoonosis of CWD and other animal prions
1010649 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Bicalho, RO, . Bicalho, RO, . CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Effect of recombinant IL-8 on insulin response in lactating dairy cows.
1014348 NEW ANIMAL HEALTH Bionaz, MA, . Bionaz, MA, . OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Liver activity and mammary macrophages in transition dairy cows fed selenium-enriched hay