Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1023381 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Pollock, S. V. Pollock,Steve Vincent TRIPLE N OYSTER FARM LLC LA Inland production of oyster seed utilizing an artificial seawater closed recirculating aquaculture system.
1023333 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Randolph, J. Randolph,Jimmy DARCY SOLUTIONS INC. MN Novel, high-efficiency groundsource heat pump with potable water production, for rural applications
1023180 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Davis, A. Davis,Aubrey MICROBIO ENGINEERING, INC CA Cultivation of Microalgae for Aquaculture Feed Applications
1023173 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Sakai, H. Sakai,Hajime NAPIGEN, INC. DE Development of mitochondrial transformation in plants toward creating elite hybrid wheat
1023043 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chaikin, E. Chaikin,Eric PEAK PROTEIN LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY MT Cricketein: Cricket Derived Protein Hydrolysates with Versatile Techno-Functionalities and Bio-activity for Food Ingredient Applications
1022988 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT McGlone, K. L. McGlone,Katalina L KATALYST KREATIONS, LLC HI Testing the effectiveness of a unique, innovative, easy-to-use program on young children's attitudes about and consumption of fruits and vegetables
1022932 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Redmond, S. Redmond,Sarah SPRINGTIDE SEAWEED, LLC ME Development of New Seaweed Nursery Strategies for Nori and Dulse Production in the Northeast
1022922 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zhang, G. Zhang,Guozhen SOLMEM LLC TX A Low Cost Solar Desalination Method For Agriculture Drainage Management
1022885 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chinta, S. P. Chinta,Satya Prabhakar FORESIGHT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, INC. CA Novel Peptides for Controlling Invasive Pest Ants
1022883 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Falco, R. E. Falco,Robert E ALGOMA ALGAL BIOTECHNOLOGY LLC WI New Mixing-Technology, Scalable, Low-Energy-Input Photobioreactors For Greatly Increased Algal Growth Rates And Yields
1022879 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Resnick, J. Resnick,Joshua PARALLEL FLIGHT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. CA Reducing Wildfire Risk with Large Scale Prescribed Fire Drones
1022868 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Buentello, A. Buentello,Alejandro ICHTHUS UNLIMITED, LLC IA From waste/pollution to prime aquafeed ingredient: Use of tuna processing waste soy and cotton seed meal to produce highly nutritious meals for aquaculture
1022846 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hedgecock, D. Hedgecock,Dennis PACIFIC HYBREED, INC. WA Production of all-female, triploid Manila clam seed for U.S. West Coast growers
1022823 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Herring, C. D. Herring,Christopher D ENCHI CORPORATION MA Proof-of-concept for lignocellulose processing to fuels using engineered thermophilic bacteria and cotreatment
1022816 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Peterson, R. J. Peterson,Raymond John GRANITE POINT VENTURES LLC MD AI Approach to Curing Deformed wing virus in Honey Bees
1022811 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Tarnavchyk, I. Tarnavchyk,Ihor RENUVIX LLC ND Novel Biodegradable Biobased Polymers for Agricultural Applications
1022798 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Wegehaupt, H. Wegehaupt,Henry PROVENDER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC SD Automated Livestock Feeding System for Improved Sustainability and Profitability of Small Farms
1022797 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Simonpietri, M. Simonpietri,Marie-Joelle SIMONPIETRI ENTERPRISES LLC HI Reducing Cost of Cellulosic Jet Fuel Made from Woody Biomass
1022791 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Locke, E. Locke,Edward MORPHIX TECHNOLOGIES, INC. VA Disinfection or Sanitization Assurance Indicator for Tomato and Cantaloupe
1022786 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Shakya, J. Shakya,Jyotindra E-LAMBDA LLC OR Development of Portable Marine Toxin Biosensors for Shellfish Industry
1022784 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kolesar, K. Kolesar,Katheryn AIR SCIENCES INC. CO Development of a Low-Cost Sensor to Quantify Wind Erosion in Remote Locations
1022773 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Semick, K. Semick,Kami FOOD4ALL INCORPORATED OR Producer Led Virtual Food Hub Pilot Project
1022770 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Ahrens, T. Ahrens,Toby NORTHERN SPENT GRAINS LLC ME Puffed Spent Grains: Low-Calorie, High-Protein Snacks from Brewers' Spent Grains
1022758 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bruno, J. Bruno,John NANOHMICS INC TX An Aptamer-Quantum Dot-Based Lateral Flow Test Strip for Cyclospora Detection
1022751 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Reddy, S. Reddy,Srinivasa BIG DATA IN A BOX, LLC IA SPIDER: A Smart Portable Interactive Data Extraction and Reporting tool for Organic Farmers
1022734 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Arnold, M. Arnold,Melanie INSULIGHTS.COM, INC. IA Electric fence alarm system for agricultural managers.
1022710 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Boatright, W. Boatright,William VERRAGLO, LLC KY Commercial Assay Kit Using Novel Compound Semiconductor Materials for Measuring Peroxide Value in Edible Fats & Oils
1022698 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Bernier, R. Bernier,Raymond ATLANTIC CORPORATION ME Development of a Dairy Manufacturing and Processing Solutions Tool for Farms and Value-Added Producers
1022686 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Rischling, E. Rischling,Emily AGCREDIT CONSULTING, LLC NE Testing the feasibility of an agricultural digital lending platform in frontier and remote areas.
1022668 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Vella, M. G. Vella,Michael Gregory FRONTIER SCIENTIFIC INC. DE Sterilization and Scalable Dispensing of a Novel USDA-ARS WCRW Artificial Diet for Commercialization